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1. Castle d'Urfe. In the mountains near Montbrison, France.

2. Castle d'Urfe. One of the two turrets.

3. Castle d'Urfe. The walls are starting to show signs of wear

4. Castle d'Urfe. Ovens used for cooking bread and cookies.

5. Castle d'Urfe. Relaxing in an alcove.

6. Castle d'Urfe. The view of the valley below.

7. Bastie d'Urfe. Closer in to Montbrison. At the front gate.

8. Bastie d'Urfe. Renaissance era estate of the Family. This photo is from a brochure.

9. Bastie d'Urfe. On the front porch.

10. Ceiling of old hall in Montbrison. The d'Urfe coat of arms is the second from the right.